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The Real-Buzz Global Business Package #1 gives you everything you need to Go Global Instantly! Show your local MLS search / IDX and feature your own listings on your website in 18 Languages! Show hundreds of thousands of International Listings from top markets like Europe, Mexico, Central America even national markets like California, Florida and Las Vegas, through the Global Listing Exchange!

The Real-Buzz Global Business Package # 1 is powered by Immobel and puts 18 language* translated MLS search / IDX right on your website, with expert translations that will enhance your professional image as a Global Expert! Show your complete local MLS / IDX with every listing branded to you, with contact info only to you. Reach 91% of all prospects on the internet, world-wide, in their own language!

With the Real-Buzz Global Business Package #1 you can also add hundreds of thousands of International and national listings to your website with a single click!. Generate referral opportunities in your local market for second homes, vacation properties, retirement moves or relocation, then easily make referrals through the Secure Global Referral Network, your membership is included!

Show sellers that you will deliver true global marketing for their property when they entrust their listing to you. Get more of the trophy listings you want!

*The 18 Languages: English, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, French, Italian, German, Polish, Russian, Korean, VIetnamese, Chinese ( Mandarin ) Chinese ( Cantonese ) and Japanese.

Real-Buzz MLS Search / IDX and Instant International Listing Search Works with Any Website OpenClose

The Real-Buzz Multilanguage MLS search / IDX Display can be added to any website you already have, custom or template. Real-Buzz featured listing comes in a handy frame-able style, or choose pages that you link as additional content to your website using our familiar row of flags, or even design your own custom links.

Use the Real-Buzz Global Business Package pages as a total Multi language real estate website, if you prefer. Just choose from the website templates during set up at no extra charge. Even use your own domain.

Features of your 18-language MLS Search / IDX Powered by Immobel OpenClose

  • Users select the currency they want to see prices displayed in, but the true listing price is always shown to avoid misunderstanding
  • Users see sizes in their choice of metric or non metric
  • Refine search and advanced search fields
  • Search by MLS #
  • Search by Zip Code
  • Location auto-suggest help visitors find your listings easily
  • Featured Listings and Office Listings with spotlight placement
  • Map search, custom area search, radius search
  • Zoom maps show the exact location of each listing on the detail page
  • Saved Listings bring viewers back to your website
  • Automated Listing Alerts for any market you choose to display, local, national or international, in each users preferred language

You will be notified whenever a prospect registers through your website, know what their search criteria is, which listings they saved, you can even see every listing alert your prospect receives.

Prospects easily save searches and get new alerts automatically, with your name and contact information and in any language they prefer, no matter where in the world the property might be.

You also get each prospects contact info so you can market to them in other ways if you wish.

Your customized "About Me" page in 18 languages shows off your professional resume, lists your designations and certifications with full color logos. Make it easy for international buyers to see and appreciate your expertise and professionalism, in any language.

Featured ListingsOpenClose

Your own listings are automatically found in your MLS, and placed in a special tab " My Listings."

Easily select the listings you want to show in the featured listing photo carousel. Click to choose your own, or even national or international listings to spotlight to your clients, each one with your contact information and in your viewers choice of 18 languages.

GLX Instant International Listings Inventory for your websiteOpenClose

Instant International Listings Inventory for your website through the Global Listing Exchange ( GLX )

In the United States, Realtors have benefited for many years from IDX.

Now, with the Global Listing Exchange, IDX goes to a whole new level to become GLX.

Markets all across the country and all around the world are joining together to create a pool of GLX listings that each member can show on their own websites to create more opportunity.

When you show the listings from other markets on your website with your contact information, you have the opportunity to create interest from your local clients and then make referrals to agents in their chosen locations, using the Secure Global Referral Network

Meanwhile, agents in other markets do the same for your listings, giving them exposure to clients nationally and internationally.

The Global Listing Exchange (GLX) is a global advertising co-operative effort that is a win for listing agents, sellers and the agents who display the GLX listings.

Establish your reputation as a global real estate professional with Instant International Listing Inventory that clearly demonstrate to local buyers and sellers that you have global reach.

Secure more of the listings you want, when you offer true global marketing through GLX.

See the list of participating Global Listing Exchange markets>

Real-Buzz Takes You Social and GlobalOpenClose

Your Real-Buzz Featured Listing package is fully integrated with social media.

Visitors easily click to follow you on Twitter, link to you on Linkedin, Connect on Facebook, "Like" your page and Google+ your website giving you increased visibility.

Social sharing tools are prominently displayed on every one of your listings, making it easy for visitors to share your listings on Twitter, post them to Facebook even post to Linkedin. Viewers can "Like" or "Google+" your listings. Every time a prospect shares, Likes or + your listings, they are spreading your contact information and links back to your website across hundreds of poplar social media sites worldwide, in every language. That is social media marketing at it's best.

Plus, if any info changes on your listings, it is updated automatically on every link that was shared, no matter how far it may have travelled or which language it is viewed in.

Automated Marketing and Alerts Keep You "Top of Mind"OpenClose

Make your life easy when following up an open house or other networking opportunity simply enter your prospects' contact information one time and set the alert criteria and relax! Real-Buzz will automatically send listings for you to each prospect, with your name and branding, your contact info and links back to your website. You can even adjust the alert criteria for your registered prospects once you know more about their preferences.

Automatically send alerts to your clients and colleagues about every new listing, or decide which alerts each contact will receive. Just add contacts to your automated marketing system and set the alert criteria.

Registered Lead Management

You will be notified whenever a prospect registers through your website, know what their search criteria is, which listings they saved, you can even see every listing alert your prospect receives.

Consumers easily save searches and get new alerts automatically, with your name and contact information and in any language they prefer. You also get each contact info for each lead so you can market to them in other ways if you wish.

Even change the prospects search criteria yourself, to make sure they get the listing alerts you want them to receive, based on conversations, feedback or strategy.

SEO Features Ensure True Global Exposure for Your WebsiteOpenClose

When you have a Real-Buzz Global Business Package, you will have foreign language content on your website, so your website will be found on international search engines.

Built in multi language page titles, descriptions and keywords give you true SEO optimization to maximize visibility.

International buyers will be able to easily find your website and contact you first while they are still in their home country using their local search engine in another language, long before they ever know about your competition.

Harness the Power of the Secure Global Referral NetworkOpenClose

Created to suit the needs of real estate professionals engaging in cross-border and cross-market transactions, the Secure Global Referral Network is the largest real estate Referral Network in the world.

  • Attract referral partners who want to send qualified buyers to your area from across the country and around the world.
  • You can easily be found by Referral partners looking to send buyers to your market.
  • Referral Network members can search using the latest map technology, even when they do not know the exact name of their target market.
  • Members can Review your professional profile, your referral fee offer, and details of your current listings and area of specialization.
  • You will also be easy to find by colleagues searching for a member with your specific professional designation, corporate brand, languages spoken, and more.
  • The referral process is easily initiated, using special forms and agreements that each member will see and use in their own language, with everything translated for them.
  • The unique secure system documents the terms of the referral that are agreed between you and your referral partner, tracks your open referrals, and keeps records of your closed referral transactions, all in one convenient place.
  • 1.4 million American residents purchase property overseas, With the Secure Global Referral Network, you can profit no matter where in the world your clients buy.
  • Every year, international buyers spend over 85 billion dollars on residential real estate in the United States, and this number is growing.
  • That means that every year American Realtors earn over 5 billion dollars in commissions from sales to International buyers.
  • Membership in the Secure Global Referral Network is included in your Global Business Package.
$34.99 per monthSpecial Price:
$19.99 per Month / $199 per Year
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